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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf


Cusco presents: new street suspension coilovers for the budget minded enthusiast. The Street Spec S and Street ZERO S series are similar to the Spec-A & ZERO-A series except that these feature a fixed damper setting, designed for virtually any street condition. These are the best street coilover suspension system that we offer for the lowest price as 100% high quality made in Japan product.

Many vehicle applications are available. Please inquire within.

STREET SPEC-S New Product Release

street SPEC S_A4.jpg

*Click to view larger image

Street Spec S PDF Download (A4 Size, JPY, 893kb) street SPEC S_A4.pdf

Street Spec S PDF Download (Letter Size, USD 1.6mb) street SPEC S.pdf



STREET ZERO-A New Product Release

street zero S_A4.jpg

*Click to view larger image

Street ZERO S PDF Download (A4 Size, JPY, 1.4mb) street zero S_A4.pdf

Street ZERO S PDF Download (Letter Size, USD 2.3mb) street zero s.pdf


Comparison Chart

Street ZERO-S vs. Street ZERO-A vs. Street Spec-S vs. Street Spec-A

Street series comparison.jpg

Difference between the full height adjustable system vs. Standard height adjust can be seen here at the Cusco USA Blog site: http://blog.cuscousainc.com/?p=193

Many vehicle applications are available today. Please inquire within.