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About us


1. The quest for "comfort"
Our mission is to provide "comfort" to our clients and employees.
Clients buy our products because we provide then "comfort".
To achieve this goal, we manufacture "comfortable" products and sell them through the people who feel "comfortable" promoting the sales of our products.
2. The realization of fair profit
In order to meet all the social obligations, we need to realize fair amount of profit.
In order for our employees to enjoy happy and productive life at home as well as at work, we need to realize a fair amount of profit.
3. The recognition of our most important asset
Our employees are our most important assets. They are given equal opportunities and are rewarded fairly. We are convinced that if the company sets the example of responsibility and achievement, the employees will follow suit.
An employee's position is always based on his /her ability and trustworthiness.
The at CARROSSER sincerely valie the importance of contributing to our society
Our goal is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a balance between society, business and the individual. Furthermore, we hope our range of knowledge and research information can serve a useful purpose in society.
Each staff member at CARROSSER works with a constant awareness of himself as a member of the larger society with duties and responsibilities. We aim to diligently improve our abilities with the hope that we can contribute, at least in some small way, to the creation of a brighter future for all. We have a heartfelt belief that by striving to do our utmost, we can affect society in a positive and beneficial way.

Three in One Development,
taking international markets into consideration
Our goal is to become the best professional manufacturing company. To achieve this goal, we listen closely to our clients’ opinions and ever-changing demands in this age of diversity, taking care that the information reflects wide variety of clients.
We aim to develop our business in international markets such as in the Americas and Europe, as well as in Japan, and to gain the leading market share in these markets as well. We are continuously testing and developing our products to make improvements, and are always maintaining flexibility in our ideas for speedy yet solid improvement.
Our sales staffs frequently visit the distributors and retail shops all around Japan, listening to valuable opinions and feedbacks to our products, as well as submitting timely proposals that meet various market needs and clients demands. We also watch the world market carefully and develop the international products markets aggressively.
CARROSSER is the only independent firm in Japan to compete in all categories of the All Japan Championships: track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana. By participating in such a wide range of activities, our products can be observed and scrutinized for performance and durability in a variety of situations.
We provide ourselves on our in-house design, manufacture of prototypes and testing all for the purpose of improving our individual products. The process begins with the initial designing stage, and concludes with the final manufacturing stages, which ensures a higher degree of reliability in product quality. Not to mention prompt manufacturing out put and even small lot manufacture.

Our products are developed, tested and perfected in the ultimate laboratory: The motor sports track.
A car that is hard to control is not fast. This is true whether on the track or the open road. Compared to road use, motor sports take place in very specific conditions and in an enclosed environment, which requires a set up that assures good speed within its limits. But ultimately the total balance of the car is what counts. The most important thing is to record a good lap time overall. A set up that allows the driver an easy and stress-less drive will enable a faster run.
We have a brilliant record and history in the top categories of track racing, rallying, dirt trials and gymkhana. By staying continuously in touch with each car's potential and character, we can create setting for each of our cars. From this experience in motor sports is born our confidence in our CUSCO brand for street use. The CARROSSER competition products are developed one by one from our broad and long experience in competing in motor sport and based on our extensive data and know-how. Driving a car. We respond to those who appreciate such matters, like driving a car or Controlling its performance. New ideas are constantly being added for the enjoyment of our customers. CARROSSER’ S concept is about combining the emotion of a victory on the track with free and spirited sensation of open road driving.

Company name CARROSSER Co., Ltd.
President and C.E.O. Tsutomu Nagase
Location 1664-1, Shinbo-cho, Takasaki-shi, Gunma, JAPAN 370-3523
Phone: 81-27-352-3578  Fax: 81-27-352-1919.
Established December, 1977
Capital 10 Million yen
Sales 2,240 Million yen (2009 fiscal year)
Employees 45 (as of December, 2011)
Coilover kit, L.S.D., clutch system, GT-WING, Anti-sway bar, Strut bar, Pillow ball, Suspension arm, Lower arm bar, Guard and bumper, Roll cage, Competition parts as well as various other items.
Fukushima, Gummma-machi, Gumma-gun, Gunma, JAPAN
  • Hard Office
  • Laboratory

We at CARROSSER have 4 different brands according to the characteristics and identities of each product. You can have an explanation of each brand below:
cusco   The CUSCO brand offers parts thoroughly researched and developed for those who prefer the authentic items.
  Real tuning parts, from the street legal parts to the racing parts, developed in the motor sport fields.

carrosser   The design philosophy of CUSCO and Vacanza lies in CARROSSER.
  Authorized by Japan Automobile Federation (JAF), CARROSSER is our competition parts brand for those who pursue a faster and easier-to-drive car with higher competitiveness.

safety21   Our specific brand for roll-cages and guards.
  Safety 21 parts are researched and developed through competition for both safety and body rigidity.