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Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Supercharger Kit


Cusco Presents: Supercharger Kit for the Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Intercooled (water-air) or Non-Intercooled versions available!




Linear Acceleration Similar to a 3.0 liter Engine
The Cusco Supercharger kit was developed exclusively for the ultra high compression naturally aspirated FA20 engine to further enhance the responsiveness and torque to match that of a 3.0 liter engine.

The end result is a Supercharger Kit that is completely bolt-on developed by using a highly efficient Sprintex unit as a base along with Cusco's product engineering knowledge. The new kit also has an option of including a competitively priced intercooled kit (MSRP ¥498,000) which is vital for keeping temperatures low, or a base non-intercooled kit also available. (MSRP 398,000)

●Increased torque similar to that of a 3.0 liter engine
●Twin screw type supercharger
●Intercooled & Non-intercooled kits available
●Completely bolt-on. No modifications necessary.

※Sprintex Supercharger used as a base for kit production

>>>Power Data

Over a 30% increase in power output as compared to factory figures with a plentiful torqueband that is usable in a dynamic range of conditions.

☆Power Details

◆Cusco Supercharger Kit (Intercooled)
Peak Power: 208PS/7400rpm ・・・32.4% gain over factory
Peak Torque: 24.6kg・m/5600rpm ・・・43.0% gain over factory
◆Factory Stock
Peak Power: 157PS/6700rpm
Peak Torque: 17.2kg・m/6200rpm
※Results based off real world testing




◆Cusco 86&BRZ Supercharger Kit
Application: Toyota 86(ZN6), Subaru BRZ(ZC6)  Manual Transmission Only

Cusco Supercharger Kit Part # MSRP MSRP w/Tax JAN Code
Intercooled (water) Kit 965-720-A ¥498,000 ¥522,900 4996 3380 99389
Non-Intercooled Kit 965-720-B ¥398,000 ¥417,900 4996 3380 99396

◆Kits available for manual transmission equipped vehicles only

◆ECU modification not included with kit
ECU MAP calibration (fuel, ignition) required after installation. May require additional components depending on varying conditions of vehicle setup. (Please inquire within for more details)

◆Pressure sensor included with kit (replaces factory unit)

965-720-A_oncar2.JPG 965-720-A_oncar.JPG

[Cusco Supercharger Kit Contents]
Supercharger Body (Intake manifold design)
・Inlet pipe
・Silicone band
・Throttle body extension wiring
・Air pressure sensor assembly
・Air pressure sensor extension connector
・Idle pulley
・Drive belt (6PK-2615)
・Cap bolt M14xP1.5x40
・Idle pulley bracket
・O ring intake manifold assembly flange
・O ring throttle body assembly
・Vacuum switching valve assembly
・ Bolt clip

[Intercooler Kit (water)]・・・Includes all of the above components plus what's listed below

・Water-air intercooler core (base)
・Water-air intercooler radiator bracket
・Water-air intercooler core (S/C side)
・Electric water pump
・Electric water pump harness
・Electric water pump bracket
・Coolan reservoir tank
・Coolant hose
・Hose clamp
・Bolt clip
※Below sold separately
Silicone sealant



>>>Optional Components

Cusco Engine Water-Oil Cooler

Water to oil engine oil cooler have often been utilized in top level racing vehicles such as in the SuperGT machines. Cusco have decided to produce a kit exclusively for the 86 & BRZ (manual transmission equipped vehicles only) since managing cooler oil temperatures play a vital role in engine eciency, no matter what level of power output.
*Can be installed concurrently with the Cusco Supercharger Kit

965-012-A.jpg  965-012-A_parts.JPG


Option Part # MSRP MSRP w/Tax
Cusco Engine Water-Oil Cooler 965-012-A  ¥58,000 ¥60,900



。The heat exchanger fits in place where the factory oil filter is located. Please check clearance issues when installing in concurrent fitment with an oil filter sandwich plte.


75mm High Boost Driven Pulley

This item replaces the 80mm pulley that comes standard in the kit with a 75mm pulley for an increased power output. (Boost Pressure 0.6bar⇒0.7bar) Requires further tuning including fuel compensation and ignition management. Please inquire within or your local authorized dealer for consultation.

Option Part # MSRP MSRP w/Tax
75mm High Boost Driven Pulley 965-720-P75  ¥6,000 ¥6,300



Lage Volume Injectors & Fuel Pump

Fuel supply is the key ingredient when producing more power. Cusco now proudly offers Deatschwerks fuel injectors and fuel pumps as an added option.
3 stages of injectors are available (450cc, 700cc, 900cc)

265L/h high flow fuel pump provides a stable supply of fuel to the entire system.


Optional (DEATSCHWERKS Fuel Injectors) Part # MSRP MSRP w/Tax Volume (cc/min)
450cc/min Set 86&BRZ (4 qty) 16U-02-0450-4 ¥43,000 ¥45,150 450
700cc/min Set 86&BRZ (4 qty) 16U-02-0700-4 ¥43,000 ¥45,150 700
900cc/min Set 86&BRZ (4 qty) 16U-02-0900-4 ¥56,000 ¥58,800 900

BRZ Injectors 800x434-300.jpg

Optional (DEATSCHWERKS High Flow Fuel Pump) Part # MSRP MSRP w/Tax Flow (L/h)
265L/h 86&BRZ Fuel Pump (In-tank) 9-651-1010 ¥18,000 ¥18,900 265


Installation Details
These products greatly affect the engine performance and overall operating conditions, so please acknowledge all product features before purchasing. Please contact us directly for any qustions or concerns.
Product should be installed by Cusco authorized install shop only.

Estimated Install Time
Estimated install times are based off facilities equipped with the proper tools to perform installation. ECU tuning time not included.
・Intercooled Kit・・・・5~6 hours
・Non-Intercooled Kit・・・4~5 hours


◆Ribbed Belt
The V ribbed belt used on the supercharger pulley system must be replaced after certain usage.
Replace after 50.000km of use or 2 years of use, whichever comes first.
V Ribbed Belt Part Number:6PK-2615
※Available at most auto parts stores

◆Lubricating Oil
The supercharger kit is a self lubricating system and is completely separate from the engine's oil system. This oil is required to be changed after a certain period of use.
・Change everyr 50,000km of use
Oil Type・・・Redline 75W/90NS Synthetic gear oil
※Fluid level may not be absolute on fluid level gauge.
※Available at most auto parts stores

◆Supercharger overhaul
Inspection for wear and replacement of bearings and oil seals are necessary
・Inspect & replace every 150,000km
※Please contact us for details

Other Notes

・Eliminates use of factory "Sound Creator"
May require trimming of heat padding under hood
May require additional parts for installation depending on vehicle equipment

Not available in North America

Product Brochure (PDF Japanese)