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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

Notice: ZERO 2R Suspension Discontinued

Notice Regarding Cusco ZERO 2R Suspension Coilovers

Due to high volume of requests, Cusco USA would like to take this opportunity to announce imperative
information in regards to the rebuild process and availability of replacement components for the ZERO 2R series.

Released back in the late 1990s, the Cusco ZERO 2R consisted of shock absorbers made by the Showa Corporation
and were the last model of coilovers that we had contracted an outside manufacturer to produce the shocks.
In current times we are very proud to state that all products including shock absorbers are engineered and
manufactured in-house by Carrosser / Cusco Japan.

Therefore, due to changes in these manufacturing circumstances, Cusco regretfully would like to inform all
customers that the shock absorbers for the ZERO 2R is not eligible for the rebuild service due the unserviceable
construction (sealed) of the shocks itself. Additionally, this last statement leads us to announce that the replacement

shock absorbers are discontinued so they are not available for the ZERO 2R.

As a remedy for this solution, Cusco USA has put together a conversion package for existing  ZERO 2R owners
where the coilover set is upgraded to a 24 way damper ZERO 3 unit. This kit will include the upgraded 24 way
race shock absorbers and all hardware for the conversion at the same rate of buying replacement ZERO 2R shock

absorbers alone.


ZERO 2R upgrade_ページ_1 crop.jpg


What is generally included in this upgrade:
•    ZERO 3 shock absorber
•    case lock nut
•    spring perches lock nut
•    upper pillowball nut
•    collar

*Included components may differ with various applications

MSRP: $1067.00 (sold in pair only)
ZERO 2R upgrade_ページ_2 crop.jpg

PDF File Download (934kb): HERE