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Toyota 86 - Subaru BRZ Rear Differential Products

Toyota 86 - Scion FR-S - Subaru BRZ  New Cusco Rear Differential Products

Rear Differential Pinion Distance Collar

Pinion Spacer.jpg

The Cusco Pinion Distance Collar is made more solid and designed to withstand the abuse of constant acceleration and deceleration, and is recommended for vehicles putting out more power & torque than the factory output.

Inside the rear differential member lies the gears and mechanisms of the limited slip differential. Once the LSD is upgraded to a clutch unit and more load and power is transferred to the rear end, some components begin to wear and tear more faster than others. Typically, the rear pinion spacer that is located on the pinion gear shaft start to crush and cause excessive play between the pinion and ring gear. (backlash)


Factory pinion sleeve (top)  Cusco collar (bottom)

The Cusco Pinion Collar is made to withstand harsher abuse and serves as an added insurance when rebuilding the rear end.

*Specialized shims from Nissan must be used: Thickness/Nissan OEM part number

  • ・3.81mm(38125-61001)



Rear Differential Carrier Strengthened Collar

Fight bushing deflection with the Cusco rear differential carrier strengthened collar. Replacing the factory bushings with the strengthened collar prevents unwanted rear differential carrier movement which can contribute to poor rear wheel traction.

Rear carrier collar.jpg
This item is beneficial for vehicles with rear differential modifications (upgraded LSD), or even just simply to replace old worn out factory bushings.



For more info, please download PDF or click below

Rear Diff Parts_A4.jpg

PDF Download (A4 Size 400kb) Rear Diff Parts_A4.pdf

PDF Download (Letter Size 400kb) Rear Diff Parts Letter.pdf