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STREET ZERO-S Nissan Fuga (PY50)

Introducing Cusco STREET ZERO-S Suspension Coilover system for the Nissan Fuga (PY50).

The Street Zero S series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while maintaining comfort for daily driven street cars. The entire system is made as an entry-level street coilover where the budget-minded enthusiast will get the very best suspension at the lowest price.

The newly developed twin tube shock absorber features a virtually noiseless design due to its internal low compression gas. A new base valve design enables a comfortable and mild ride that adapts to almost any street condition, set at the most ideal damper rate from factory. *8 way rear dampers on selected models


  • Low compression twin-tube shock absorber w/ redesigned base valve
  • Full height adjustable structure, fixed damper set at most ideal rate
  • Precision cut shock case thread with special coating
  • Quiet operation
  • Ribbed lower bracket made with dierent metal according to each vehicle.
  • CUSCO’s most aordable street spec suspension system
  • 1 Year 10,000km warranty (Please register)
  • Rebuild service available (Fees apply)



Nissan Fuga (PY50)

2WD-FR Chassis

・・・Full Height Adjustable (Front)・Fixed Damper Rate

Standard Kit
【Part No】 296 60P CN
【Base MSRP】¥138,000
【MSRP w/tax】¥144,900
【JAN Code】 4996 3380 54517
【Recommended Height Setting ※1】 Ft:-40~-25mm / Rr:-40~-30mm
【Maximum Height Parameter ※2】 Ft:-80~-25mm / Rr:-80~-30mm
【Upper Mount】 Ft: HD Rubber / Rr:No Upper Mount (Factory OEM)
【Spring Rate】 Ft:ID65-200-9K (10K&11K Avail) / Rr: Exclusive 6K Spring
【Structure】 Ft:Full Height Adjustable Coilover, Fixed Damper  / Rr: Threaded Spacer, Fixed Damper
【Notes】 Fitment on 2WD FR only
※May increase road noise
※1 Data based off internal R&D
※2 Approximate calculations displayed, use caution before proceeding
Some products may not be legal for use on public highways
Do not exceed recommended specifications. Doing so may result in serious injury, damage, or even death. Carrosser is not responsible for any claims.