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Sport ZERO-3S Mazda Roadster (NCEC)

Cusco introduces the Sports ZERO-3S suspension coilovers for the Mazda Roadster NCEC edition.

zero-3S.jpgDesigned for sport competition driving.This suspension coilover kit is designed with full adjustable ride height feature which retains full shock stroke length and spring preload.


The inverted shock is made from light weight aluminum and features a mono-tube 24-step shock absorber. The specific internal valving is designed both for those who mainly track their vehicles and at times, drive it on the street. The inverted damper prevents external elements from entering the shock casing and retains structural rigidity for added stress loads applied to the coilover.

Comes with camber adjustable pillow-ball upper mount and/or rubber upper seat depending on its vehicle application.

●Full Height Adjustable system - maintains shock stroke length regardless of vehicle height
●24 way shock damper rate adjust can be set for daily street use or race circuit
●Inverted shock absorber design
●Hard Rubber upper mounts enable direct road feedback
●Choose your own spring rate (no cost)
●Specialized coating, tested over 500 hours of elemental testing
●1 year, 10,000km warranty. (Please register)
●Rebuld service available (Fees apply)


Mazda Roadster (NCEC)

・・・Full Height Adjustable Coilover System/24 Way damper adjust

【Part No】 428 63S CN
【Base MSRP】 ¥213,000
【MSRP w/tax】¥223,650
【JAN Code】 4996 3380 54524
【Recommended Height Setting ※1】 Ft:-55~-25mm / Rr:-50~-30mm
【Maximum Height Parameter ※2】 Ft:-105~-20mm / Rr:-60~-30mm
【Upper Mount】 Ft: HD Rubber / Rr: HD Rubber
【Spring Rates】 Ft:ID65-200-7K(8K/9K/10K/11K/12K Avail / Rr:Exclusive Spring 8965-180-4K(5K/6K/7K Avail)
【Structure】 Ft & Rr:Full Height Adjustable 24 way needle valve
【Notes】 Inverted shock absorbers feature damper adjustment dial on top
※May increase road noise
※1 Data based off internal R&D
※2 Approximate calculations displayed, use caution before proceeding
Some products may not be legal for use on public highways
Do not exceed recommended specifications. Doing so may result in serious injury, damage, or even death. Carrosser is not responsible for any claims.
全長調整式車高調整 ショックトップ部減衰調整部(専用工具にて調整)
☆Case adjust lock nut & damper adjust dial
NCEC_TEST_Z3S_01.jpg NCEC_TEST_Z3S_02.jpg