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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

More Applications: Close Ratio Gearset & Final R&P

More close ratio transmission gear sets and final gear (ring & pinion) have completed development and are ready for street & circuit use!

  • Gear ratios optimized for motorsports and circuit use through countless hours of testing.
  • Cusco products are derived straight from the field of motorsports.
  • Our past records and championships serves as vital feedback data for product R&D.
  • Countless hours of research and development dedicated to drop seconds o lap times.
  • Precision spec, highly quality, and extra durable which applies to both street and competition.
  • Real products will produce real reasults, only from Cusco!


Close Ratio Transmission Gears Vehicle Applications: [Toyota] 86, Starlet, MR2, Corolla Levin, Sprinter Trueno, Celica [Nissan] Sunny [Honda] City, Civic, Integra, CR-X [Mazda] RX-7, Demio [Mitsubishi] Mirage [Subaru] BRZ [Daihatsu] Storia [Lotus] Elise, Exige

Final Gear Ring & Pinion Vehicle Applications: [Toyota] Corolla Levin, Sprinter Trueno, Celica [Honda] Civic, Integra [Mitsubishi] Lancer Evolution IV, V, VI, Mirage [Lotus] Elise, Exige

Please check out the attached application sheet for specific info including gear ratios and MSRP pricing.

*Click thumbnail for expanded view

Close Final Gear Set A4_Page_1.jpgClose Final Gear Set A4_Page_2.jpgClose Final Gear Set A4_Page_3.jpg

PDF Download (Prices in JPY, 725kb size) Close Final Gear Set A4.pdf

Close Ratio Gear Set and Final Ring & Pinion for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Toyota 86 http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/parts_product/close_ratio_transmission_gears.html