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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

Increased Capacity LSD for Toyota Vitz/Honda Fit

Cusco presents: larger internal capacity limited slip differentials for the Toyota Vitz & Honda Fit!

Toyota Vitz RS (NCP91/131)
Honda Fit RS (GE8 6 speed manual)


The previous LSDs were equipped with a smaller D Size clutch plate internals however due to popular demand, it were redesigned with larger C Size internals. The external dimensions remain the same, so existing bearings may be used and installed into the factory MT transmission casing with no issues. The larger surface area the clutch plates, the larger the locking characteristics which is more suited for high horsepower setups and race compound tires.

Available in Type RS, Type MZ, Type RS Spec-F, Type MZ Spec-F, and Pro-Adjust series!

Toyota Vitz Honda Fit LSD_A4.jpg

PDF Download (774kb A4 Size) Toyota Vitz Honda Fit LSD_A4.pdf

PDF Download (1.3mb Letter Size) Toyota Vitz Honda Fit LSD Letter.pdf