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Cusco Lightened Flywheel For Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ



Available Late November 2013!

New lightweight flywheel for the Toyota 86 (ZN6) and Subaru BRZ (ZC6).
The first lightweighyt flywheel with absolutely zero rotational fluctuation. This was made possible by a innovative dimensional design combined with a special manufacturing technique.

A must-have component for enhancing the response on a naturally aspirated engine.

Increase Acceleration Response on a NA Engine!

The Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ currently serves a popular foundation to tune and race。The FR configured Horizontally Opposed FA20 engine is the key aspects of what makes this vehicle enjoyable to drive.

 A lightened flywheel modification is best known to be used when tuning a naturally aspirated engine. By applying a lightened mass to the crankshaft axis, the energy required to start the rotational inertial is greatly decreased. Factory flywheels are designed to smooth out the revolutions of the engine and stabilize engine idle by applying weight to the mass, solely to cater to the general consumer market.


 Cusco Chromoly Flywheels are 48% lighter and weigh 4.8kg (w/knockpins) as compared to the factory OEM 9.34kg. The initial rotational inertia for a factory flywheel is 1242.6 kgfm² as opposed to the Cusco unit 58% less torque load of 526.8 kgfm². SCM435H Chromium Molybdenum steel is lightened and shaped using the Finite Element Method (FEM) for precise accuracy.  

Cusco Lightweight Chrmoly Flywheel
(Photo Representation)


 [Application] Toyota 86 (ZN6), Subaru BRZ (ZC6)

 [Part No] 965 023 A

 [MSRP w/Tax] ¥57,750
 [Base MSRP] ¥55,000

 [Weight] 4.8kg (includes 3 knockpins), vs. 9.34kg factory OEM unit (48%  lighter)

 [Material]  SCM435H Chromium Molybdenum

 [Flywheel Rotational Inertia]  526.8 kgfc㎡ 58% less load

☆ Toyota 86 & Subaru BRZ Clutch Series

Copper Clutch Set (Copper Single Disk + Cusco Clutch Cover)
(Photo Representation)
Weighs 38% lighter than factory OEM, holds 1176.8 kgfm²


 [Part No] 965 022 F

 [MSRP w/Tax] ¥61,950
 [Base MSRP] ¥59,000

Metal Clutch Set (Metal Single Disk + Cusco Clutch Cover)
(Photo Representation)
Weighs 29% lighter than factory OEM


 [Part No] 965 022 G

 [MSRP w/Tax] ¥67,095
 [Base MSRP] ¥63,900

※Copper Single Disk, Metal Single Disk, Cusco Clutch Covers are available for purchase individually.

coverimg.jpg cupperdiscimg.jpg metaldiscimg.jpg



Download the New Product Release: Flywheel_A4.pdf