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Cusco Engine Oil Cooler (86, FR-S, BRZ)

Having an upgraded oil cooler becomes a necessity when it comes to adding extra assurance for your vehicle's well being.
The Cusco Water-Oil cooler is Toyota FT86/Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ exclusive application, where all hardware and components are included for easy installation. This revised kit is now efficient as ever and complies both to MT and AT vehicles!


Water to oil engine oil cooler have often been utilized in top level racing vehicles such as in the SuperGT machines. Cusco have decided to produce a kit exclusively for the 86 & BRZ (compliant with automatic & manual transmission equipped vehicles) since
managing cooler oil temperatures play a vital role in engine efficiency, no matter what level of power output.

Water Oil cooler chart.jpg


  • Efficiently cools down oil temps when 130ºC (266ºF) is reached or exceeded.
  • Brings oil to safe operating temp and reduces frictional heat during warm up.
  • Heat exchange design features a 7 row core (4000KCal) for increased oil capacity.
  • Enables a stable oil temperature range to protect the engine
  • Effective in keeping down coolant temperatures (Based off test data from Cusco)
  • Position/location/ducts is not an issue, like with air-oil coolers
  • Works both on manual and automatic transmission equipped vehicles

Water Oil cooler illust.jpg


Water Oil Cooler New_A4.jpg

PDF Download (A4 Size 418kb) Water Oil Cooler New_A4.pdf

PDF Download (Letter Size 360kb) Water Oil Cooler 09102013 Letter.pdf