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Honda Odyssey (RC1) New Products



New Cusco products for the Honda Odyssey (RC1) vehicle!

Chassis stiffening components are now more necessary than ever because of the larger redesign of the Odyssey body style.
New STREET series suspension coilovers also available! Enhance comfort and ride quality by adding the full height adjustable 40 way coilovers, STREET ZERO-A to your beloved van. Available starting February 1st.

Anti-roll sway bars and chassis bracing have also been developed to provide more stability during driving. More products to come!



Honda Odyssey
Chassis DBA-RC1 (2.4L FF)
Grade Absolute EX

■New Release - STREET ZERO-A Suspension Coilover Kit

☆Street ZERO A (Full Height Adjustable, 40 Way Damper Adjust) Available in Feb 2014!
☆Street ZERO S (Full Height Adjustable, Fixed Damper) Available in April 2014!
※Representation Image (Actual item includes blue upper mounts)
☆Street ZERO A (Full Ride Height Adjust, 40 Way Damper Adjust)

◆Adjust the suspension height and shock setting to virtually any road condition!
◆Front rubber upper mounts designed to supress noise
◆Full ride height adjustable coilover system, 40 way damper (Rear- adjustable threaded spacer)
◆New ride comfort enhancing internal valve design (CPRV pressure adjust)
◆One year 10,000km limited factory warranty
◆Rebuild service available (fees apply)

■Ride Height Adjustable Suspension Coilover Kit STREET ZERO-A
Honda Odyssey Absolute EX
2WD 2.4L
Chassis DBA-RC1
【Part No】 397 62N CN
【MSRP w/5% Tax】¥168,000
【Base MSRP】¥160,000
【JAN Code】 4996 3380 28914
【Recommended Height Parameter ※1】 Ft:-50~-10mm / Rr:-75~-40mm
【Maximum Height Parameter ※2】 Ft:-50~0mm / Rr:-76~-10mm
【Upper Mount】 Ft:Fixed camber rubber mount / Rr: No mount
【Spring Rate】 Ft:ID73-250mm-6K / Rr:Exclusive spring design-7K
【Specs】 Ft:Full ride height adjust, 40 way damper / Rr:Threaded spacer, 40 way damper
【Notes】 Will not fit 4WD models, e-con2 not compatible
※1 Based off internal test data。
※2 Please follow all instructions within the recomended specifications.
Product may void Japanese Standard Vehicle Safety Law, please use with caution.
Do not exceed recommended specifications. Doing so may result in serious injury, damage, or even death. Carrosser is not responsible for any claims.



■Suspension Parts (Sway & Stabilizer Bars)

☆Sway Bar (Front)

◆Supresses body roll during cornering without sacrificing ride comfort
◆Stabilizes vehicle at high speeds and during lane changes


Part No 397 311 A35
MSRP w/5% Tax ¥39,900
Base MSRP ¥38,000
JAN Code 4 996338 095633
Specs Hollow 35mm (OEM=Hollow 33.2mm). 122% increase vs stock. Exclusive bushing and spacer included
Install Time 1.5h

☆Rear Stabilizer Bar

◆Supresses body roll during cornering without sacrificing ride comfort
◆Stabilizes vehicle at high speeds and during lane changes


Part No 397 311 B16
MSRP w/5% Tax ¥26,250
Base MSRP ¥25,000
JAN Code 4 996338 095640
Specs Solid 16mm (OEM=none)
Notes Installed onto rear torsion beam & spring seat.
Install Time 1.0h

■Chassis Brace (Strut Bar, Powerbrace)

☆Strut Bar (Front Type-OS)

◆Cusco's best selling chassis stiffening product. Prevents chassis twist effectively
◆Increasing chassis rigidity will enable sharper and smooth suspension movement
◆Easy to install and looks great on any vehicle

397-540-A_parts.jpg 397-540-A_fitting.jpg

Part No 397 540 A
MSRP w/5% Tax ¥15,750
Base MSRP ¥15,000
JAN Code 4 996338 397096
Specs Type-OS (Type 1 shaft)
Notes May require trimming or removal of plastic components for fitment

☆Powerbrace (Floor Center / Front Side)

◆Chassis braces designed exclusively for minivans which eliminates unwanted horizontal and lateral body flex
◆Perfect for vans equipped with sliding doors since this design is prone to chassis flex and noise.
◆Increasing chassis rigidity equals improved suspension movement for sharper handling characteristics
◆Completely bolt-on, easy installation. Provides enough ground clearance even for the lowest of vehicles.

Powerbrace Floor Center/strong>


Part No 397 492 FC
MSRP w/5% Tax ¥8,925
Base MSRP ¥8,500
JAN Code 4 996338 048097
Install Time 0.5h

Powerbrace Front Side


Part No 397 492 FS
MSRP w/5% Tax ¥13,650
Base MSRP ¥13,000
JAN Code 4 996338 048103
Install Time 0.5h

※Install Time applicable only when the product is installed at an facility equipped with sufficient mechanic tools.