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New Products: Honda N-WGN (JH1)


New Product Announcement from Cusco
New products for the Honda N-WGN (JH1) are now available

Suspension Kit / Suspension Components
・Street Spec-S Coilover Suspension Kit
・Auto Headlight Levelizer Adjustment Rod

Exterior Parts
・Folding Tow Hook
・Cusco Battery Stay
・Short Antenna (carbon & black)

Engine Parts
・Radiator Cap
・Sports Oil Filter

Chassis JH1

Grade G・A Package
Configuration FF (2WD)
Engine NA (CVT)



Suspension Coilover Kit
STREET Spec S (8 way adjustable rear)

The Street Spec S series suspension coilover system is designed to provide a lowered vehicle ride height while maintaining comfort for daily driven street cars. A new base valve design enables a comfortable and mild ride that adapts to almost any street condition, set at the most ideal damper rate from factory.

P1080891_945-60K-CBA_R8.JPG※Product representation photo above

☆STREET Spec S features a standard coilover design with the most ideal shock damper rate

The entire system is made as an entry-level street coilover where the budget-minded enthusiast will get the very best suspension at the lowest price.Designed at the best setting exclusively for the N-WGN.

The newly developed twin tube shock absorber features a virtually noiseless design due to its internal low compression gas. A new base valve design enables a comfortable and mild ride that adapts to almost any street condition, set at the most ideal damper rate from factory. *8 way rear dampers on selected models.

Factory upper mounts are re-used for those who prefer comfort, or Cusco pillowball upper mounts (sold separately) can be incorporated into the kit for more adjustment capabilities and direct road feedback. Each coilover suspension is specially valved and dimensionally designed per vehicle application.

■Standard Coilover Suspension Kit
【Part #】 396 60K CBA
【Base MSRP】¥108,000
【MSRP w/Tax】¥113,400
【JAN Code】 4996 3380 54401
【Recommended Height Adjust Parameter ※1】 Ft:-50~-25mm / Rr:-45~-20mm
【Maximum Height Adjustment Parameter ※2】 Ft:-70~-25mm / Rr:-45~-20mm
【Upper Mount】 Fr: No Upper Mount / Rr: No Upper Mount
【Spring Rate】 Ft:ID65-200-3.5K(4K avail) / Rr: 2.2K (Specialized Spring Dimension)
【Structure】 Fr:Standard coilover, Fixed damper shock / Rr: Threaded Spindle perch, 8 way adjustable shock
【Notes】 Will not fit 4WD models

※1 Based on Cusco R&D data
※2 Data may vary according on use
Check local vehicle modification and safety laws
Setting ride height beyond recommended parameter may lead to mechanical vehicle failure
Cannot provide after sales support if product is mistreated in any way.


■Suspension Components (Auto Headlight Levelizer)

☆Auto Headlight Adjust Levelizer (super long)

The modern automobiles of today are equipped with an automatic headlight leveler that adjusts to the vehicle’s ride height in real time. However when the vehicle suspension is altered, (in most cases lowered) the headlights are pointed down towards the ground. This is due to the leveler sensor being stationed only in the rear of the car.

To counter this issue, CUSCO has engineered the AUTO LEVELIZER to enable the re-setting of the correct headlight trajectory. In some cases, the ECU can be reset to readjust the headlights according to its vehicle height; however there are parameter limitations for electronic sensors which will eventually require a mechanical approach to the solution.


Part No: 00B 628 D (super long)
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥5,250
Base MSRP ¥5,000
JAN Code 4 996338 04008
Rod Adjustment Parameter:   93mm~115mm
Notes:  Only for HID equipped vehicles 
May require different length Levelizer for vehicles lowered beyond recommended height.


■Exterior Parts (Folding Tow Hook, Battery Stay, Short Antenna)

☆Folding Tow Hook (front)

◆Painted red for maximim visibility, bolts on to factory tow hook hole positioned at the perfect length.
◆Internal ball bearing design enables a locking zero and 90 degrees position.
◆High quality steel, one piece design (no welding) JAF compliant.


Part No: 386 017 F
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥10,290
Base MSRP: ¥9,800
JAN Code: 4 996338 002631
Specs: Red color, front



☆Cusco Battery Stay

Enhance your battery tie down with Cusco Blue!
Type C

Part No 00B 745 C
Base MSRP ¥5,800 MSRP w/tax ¥6,090
JAN Code 4996 3380 61256
Notes  May not comply due to varying battery shapes and sizes

Product in photo may not be portrayed accurately due to prototype finishing process.

☆Short Antenna (Inside thread M5-P0.8, Black / Carbon look)

◆Two types of stylish antennas available
◆Reception is not affected due to an internal helical antenna design.
◆Easy to install. Add a bit of European styling to your vehicle!


Black Short Antenna (inner threaded)

Part No: 00B 809 BB
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥2,625
Base MSRP: ¥2,500
JAN Code: 4 996338 093820
Specs: Color black, internally threaded
Notes:  Direct factory replacement, External thread adapter included 


Carbon Short Antenna (inner threaded)

Part No: 00B 809 BC
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥2,625
Base MSRP: ¥2,500
JAN Code: 4 996338 093813
Specs:  Carbon look, internally threaded
Notes:  Direct factory replacement


■Engine Parts (Sports Oil Filter, Radiator Cap)

☆Cusco Oil Filter

◆Cusco Oil Filter features a high strength magnet that removes the iron powders and any other metallic particles that can harm an engine.
◆The mesh supports the paper filter from collapsing or changing shape during high pressure, when experiencing extreme conditions.
◆The pleated filtration paper catches fine dust, contanminants without stagnating flow.
◆The special rubber material keeps it leak-proof during high and low temperature environments.
◆Reinforced relief valve keeps the proper pressure traveling through the filter, even when viscosity changes.


Part No: 00B 001 A
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥2,625
Base MSRP: ¥2,500
JAN Code: 4 996338 030764
Specs: Direct factory replacement
Notes: Please follow proper torque and installation specs


☆High Pressure Radiator Cap (Type B) 1.3kg/㎠

◆Increses the relief pressure for the boiling point of the engine water system.
◆Strengthened relief valve spring that retains coolant volume and pressure.
◆Silicone based sealant tolerant against higher pressures.

Part No:  00B 050 B13
MSRP w/5% Tax: ¥2,625
Base MSRP: ¥2,500
JAN Code: 4 996338 001528
Specs: Direct factory replacement type,  1.3kg/㎠ pressure
Notes: Enables a higher pressured cooling system, please confirm that the system has no area prone to leaks before installation.