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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

86 & BRZ New Steering Rack Bushing


【CUSCO New Product Release】 Available Now!

New Steering Rack Bushings for the Toyota 86 (ZN6) & Subaru BRZ (ZC6)
Sharper steering response! Enhances the overall driving experience

◆Replacing the Factory OEM (top left) with the Cusco Urethane Bushing (top right) will result in increased steering and handling sharpness as well as a more direct road surface feedback to the driver. This product also supresses alignment deflection caused under heavy loads, making the vehicle steer in a more smooth fashion.

◆The Special Service Tool SST (sold separately) makes installation simple and easy. With this tool, the factory bushing can be extracted without taking off the steering rack.

86&BRZ Steering Rack Bushing

【Application】Toyota 86 (ZN6) Subaru BRZ (ZC6)

【Part No】 965 935 A
【MSRP w/5% Tax】 ¥9,450
【MSRP】 ¥9,000
【JAN Code】
【Install Time】90 minutes w/o SST, 30 min with SST


86&BRZ Steering Rack Bushing Extraction Special Service Tool

【Application】Toyota 86 (ZN6) Subaru BRZ (ZC6)
【Part No】 965 935 SST
【MSRP w/5% Tax】 ¥3,150
【MSRP】 ¥3,000
【JAN Code】4996338026798
【Install Time】90 minutes w/o SST, 30 min with SST

Special Service tool which enables bushing extraction while the steering rack is still installed on the vehicle.

Remove the bolt from the steering rack and make sure that the SST has enough threading to pass tahrough the bushing and secure a nut on the other end.

Pass the threaded portion through the bushing and secure the nut behind it.

Begin tightening the secondary nut. This will begin pulling the old bushing out of the steering rack. 

When the bushing reaches this state, it is completely extracted. 

New Product Release Download: 86 BRZ bushing A4.pdf