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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

86 & BRZ Shift Lever Retainer Bushing


【CUSCO New Product Release】 Available Now!

New Shift Lever Retainer Bushing for the Toyota 86 (ZN6) & Subaru BRZ (ZC6) has just been developed.


By simply replacing the factory bushings with the Cusco unit, a more direct and linear shift engagement can be realized. A smoother shift operation results in less chance of mis-shifting.

◆Combine this product with our Transmission Mount Collar (sold separately) for even further shift enhancement!
※Due to the necessity of the removal of the transmission from the vehicle, it is recommended this bushing be replaced along with other components such as the clutch.

86&BRZ Shift Lever Retainer Bushing

【Application】 Toyota 86(ZN6)Subaru BRZ(ZC6)

【Part No】 965 936 A
【MSRP w/5% Tax】 ¥3,150
【MSRP】 ¥3,000
【JAN Code】
【Material】 Urethane
【Install Time】 120~150 minutes

New Product Release Download: 86 BRZ bushing A4.pdf