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Last weekend, June 23rd and 24th was one of the most Impressive day for CUSCO racing team.
On this weekend, the team had 3 events, Super GT, All Japan Rally team, and All Japan Dirt Trial.

First of all, CUSCO racing had won 5th position in Super GT 300 class, and marked the fastest lap time during the race, which is 2'07.682. And 5th position is the best position in last 3 seasons since 2005, and also the best result as AWD GT300 car.
Before the start of the race, Tetsuya Yamano, the driver had mentioned Sepang is not easy track for CUSCO DUNLOP SUBARU IMPREZA, but he promised he will make remarkable result. And he made it happen with his partner Takayuki Aoki, and with all the team staffs!!
As CUSCO DUNLOP SUBARU IMPREZA is AWD, the team had advantage in the life of the tire, while other teams did not, in the Hottest round of the Super GT series.
Under the scorching sun in equatorial country of Malaysia, the track is heating to its hottest, tire is melting easily and very fast, and AWD racer and the team had showed its real potential.
On the other hand, the team had Domestic National events too.
In All Japan Dirt-Trial Championship(JDC), "the King" Sinsuke Arai had won the race "as usual".
He is aiming to win the Championship this year again.

And in All Japan Rally Championship(JRC), Yuya Sumiyama and his Impreza had competitive potential through out the 2 days event, but he had unfortunate damage on rear suspension arm in second last Special Stage(SS), which he had been leading all other followers. And he lost his copetitor Norihiko Katsuta only for 2.3 seconds in final SS, and in total he followed only 1.1seconds to the winner after driving 1hour and 16minutes.
Yuya Sumiyama is already aiming for next event, the Rally Hokkaido, to win the race.
Keep your eyes on "Hot" CUSCO racing team!