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2013 Japan Rally (JRC) Rd. 2: Kumagoen Rally Aichi


  Team Yanagisawa Takes the Win in the JRC Kumakogen Rally!
Meiji, Junior Team Ranks in 4th

The 2nd round "Kumakogen Rally" of the 2013 Japan Rally Championships (JRC) took place May 3-5 in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan.

The first gravel stage rally of the JRC season, an additional 9km of a SS was added as well as 17km more longer than the previous year for a total of 76.33km. The 15 SS rally consists of dynamic variations of downhill and hillclimb sections, making up a challenging and technical course for all drivers.

Team Cusco Racing members in participation is the same as the round before, where Hiroshi Yanagisawa/Yoshimasa Nakahara (JN4 Class), Hideaki Miyoshi/Takahiro Yasui (JN3 Class) will be competing in the Subaru WRX STi and Toyota 86, respectively.

In addition, the Cusco Junior Rally Team have also registered for competition. Team Shintaro Meiji / Kazuko Matsui will be piloting the newly decorated Proton Satria Neo in the JN3 Class.


Yanagisawa continued to exhibit dominance over the rest of the veteran drivers, recording the best time at the 6.31km SS and also at the SS2. At the end of this day, as an experienced gravel APRC driver, Yanagisawa ended up with the best 3 times out of the 9SS and had a 16.7 second lead over the second place finisher.

The second day, the course featured three SS runs that was looped twice at a total of 9.03km. Yanagisawa, failed to decrease his time last season in this stage kept his composure and managed to take the overall 1st place win. 


CUSCO ADVAN WRX-STI / Hiroshi Yanagisawa


DSC_6983.jpg DSC_6819.jpg



In the JN3 Class where a total of 16  competitors fought their way through the rough gravel, Miyoshi felt he was at an disadvantage since his participation in the JRC started at the third round the previous year. However, his consistency and great course rhythm enabled him to line up at 6th place overall this day.

However due to the driveshaft failure, Miyoshi was forced to retire the second day. The Junior Team contender Meiji maintained his 4th place ranking throughout the race and managed to finish safely at this position.

  CUSCO ADVAN 86 / Hideaki Miyoshi

DSC_7054.jpg DSC_7478.jpg


Takasaki Cusco ADVAN Satria Neo / Shintaro Meiji

  DSC_6433.jpg MIT_0503.jpg
  The 3rd round of the Japan Rally Championships is the "Fukushima MSCC Rally 2013" taking place on June 7-9 in the Fukushima Prefecture.







Photo by Mitsuru Kotake

DSC_6433-2.jpg DSC_6673-2.jpg DSC_7638-2.jpg
DSC_7738-2.jpg DSC_7908-2.jpg DSC_7919-2.jpg
DSC_7925-2.jpg DSC_8021-2.jpg DSC_8129-2.jpg
DSC_8136-2.jpg DSC_8162-2.jpg DSC_8172-2.jpg
DSC_8195-2.jpg DSC_8236-3.jpg DSC_8245-2.jpg
DSC_8347-2.jpg DSC_8368-2.jpg DSC_8379-2.jpg
DSC_8403-2.jpg DSC_8411-2.jpg MIT_0463-2.jpg
MIT_0467-2.jpg MIT_0550-2.jpg MIT_0592-2.jpg
MIT_0666-2.jpg MIT_0729-2.jpg DSC_8390-2.jpg
MIT_0476-2.jpg MIT_0735-2.jpg MIT_0503-2.jpg



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