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2013 Cusco World Rally Team Announcement



  CUSCO RACING 2013 Rally Program

Carrosser Co. Ltd. would like to announce the 2013 Cusco Racing Team in participation of the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championships (APRC) and Japan Rally Championships (JRC).


The title holders of the 2012 season returns with dual Subaru Impreza WRX STi in the APRC and the Proton Satria Neo in the 2WD Junior Cup Program. New members and their newly built chassis emerge and conjoin with Cusco, as a joint venture with TRD (Toyota Technocraft) for promotion of the Toyota Vitz.

In the JRC, the Subaru WRX STi continues participation in the JN4 Class while Toyota 86 does so too, in the JN3 Class making up the Junior Team members.


2013 Official Team Roster


Asia Pacific Rally Championship(APRC)

Driver / Co-Driver  Shuhei Muta / Naoki Kase
 Shuhei Muta / Takahiro Yasui
Chassis  CUSCO ADVAN WRX STi (Subaru WRX STi 5door GRB)


Fron left to right - [CUSCO ADVAN WRX STi] Yuya Sumiyama, Naoki Kase, Shuhei Muta, Takahiro Yasui

_MG_8841.jpg _MG_2232_2.jpg _MG_0539_2.jpg  _MG_0522_2.jpg _MG_2258_2.jpg


Other than the Asia Cup, Hiroshi Asakura is nominated as the team's title driver and Michael Young (NZ) in the 2WD class Toyota Vitz.

Driver / Co-Driver  Hiroshi Asakura / Takumi Takahashi
Chassis   Car☆Xs ADVAN GRB (Subaru WRX STi 5door GRB)


Driver / Co-Driver  Michael Young / Daniel Wilson
Chassis  CUSCO TRD DL Vitz (Toyota Vitz RS NCP131)





Japan Rally Championship(JRC)

The veterans Hiroshi Yanagisawa (3rd place 2012) and Hideaki Miyoshi (2nd place JN3, 2012) are back as the main drivers in this class. With the addition of Shintaro Meiji in the Proton Satria Neo, the Cusco Racing works team strives to take various titles this season.

JN4 Class

Driver / Co-Driver  Hiroshi Yanagisawa / Yoshimasa Nakahara
Chassis  CUSCO ADVAN WRX STi (Subaru WRX STi 5door GRB)

From left to right - [CUSCO ADVAN WRX STi] Hiroshi Yanagisawa, Yoshimasa Nakahara
 _MG_0489_2.jpg _MG_0870_2.jpg


JN3 Class

Driver / Co-Driver  Hideaki Miyoshi / Takahiro Yasui
Chassis  CUSCO ADVAN 86  (Toyota 86 ZN6)
From left to right - [CUSCO ADVAN 86] Hideaki Miyoshi, Takahiro Yasui
DSC_9987_3.jpg _MG_0269.jpg _MG_2258_2.jpg


Driver / Co-Driver  Shintaro Meiji / Kazuko Matsui
Chassis  Cusco Takasaki・ADVAN・Satria Neo (Proton)

From left to right - [Cusco Takasaki ADVAN Satria Neo] Shintaro Meiji
_MG_9928.jpg _MG_0613_2.jpg




Other Supporting Programs

There are plans of Yuya Sumiyama participating in the Japan Dirt Trials (SA3 Class) in conjunction with the research and deveopment program.

Other programs supplied for the APRC include a vehicle package plan where a private race team is supported by our engineers and mechanics designed ideally for rookie drivers.  Supporting programs for the Japan Rally includes a guest driver plan which is an extension of our program as a satellite team.




  2013 Rally Series Event Calendar

FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) Schedule

Hosting Country Date Title
New Zealand May 18 - 19 APRC
Pacific Cup
Junior Cup
New Caledonia June 15 - 16 APRC
Pacific Cup


July 13 - 14
Pacific Cup
Junior Cup
Malaysia Aug 24 - 25 APRC
Asia Cup
Junior Cup
Japan Sept 28 - 29 APRC
Asia Cup
Junior Cup
China Nov 2 - 3 APRC
Thailand Dec 7 - 8 Asia Cup




JAF Japan Rally Championship (JRC) Schedule

Event / Region Date Stage
Tour De Kyushu  Karatsu April 12 - 14 Tarmac
Kumakogen Rally  Aichi May 3 - 5 Gravel
MSCC Rally  Fuk June 7 - 9 Gravel
ARK Rally Toya  Hokkaido July 5 - 7 Gravel
Monterey 2013  Gunma July 26 - 28 Tarmac
Kyotango Rally  Kyoto Aug 23 - 25 Tarmac
Rally Hokkaido  Hokkaido Sept 27 - 29 Gravel
Highland Masters Oct 11 - 13 Tarmac
Shinshiro Rally  Aich Oct 25 - 27 Tarmac