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2013 APRC Rd.1 Rally of Whangarei Results

The 2013 season of the Asia Pacific Rally Championships took place on May 17th-19th in the northern islands of Wangharei New Zealand. Team Michael Young / Daniel Wilson in the new Toyota Vitz RS supported by Cusco Racing takes 1st place in the 2WD class, and overall 3rd in the APRC. This podium finish is a remarkable accomplishment considering their times were better than some turbocharged 4WD and Super 2000 vehicles.


Michael Young, a native of New Zealand is hardly a new face to rally, nevertheless a rising superstar and at 20 years old, his goal is to take the title championship of the Junior Cup this year. This year has showed promising signs of success as he will be campaigning the TRD / Dunlop / Cusco Toyota Vitz RS.

The brand new vehicle pe3rformed flawlessly with no complaints from Young during the shakedown and testing phases. He had completed the 2 day 16 stage (288km total) and took the win without any hiccups or issues.

ROW13 - Mike Young testing Cusco Toyota Vitz _0010_resize.jpg

bbRoW 2013 YOUNG day 2 008 photo_R Hyde - Copy.jpg

ROW13 - Mike Young testing Cusco Toyota Vitz _0007 - Copy.jpg



Team Asakura / Takahashi in the Subaru WRX STi managed to collect 3rd place on Leg 1 for the APRC and 1st in the Production Cup, however regretfully went off-course unable to get back at Leg 2 SS12. This event caused him to retire for this round.

Despite the unfortunate circumstance, Asakura made his first debut overseas and many can agree that his skills are definitely up to par at an international level.

RoW2013 Asakura shakedown_photo R Hyde004.jpg


2013 Rally of Whangarei Results

Placement - Driver/Co-Driver / Total Time / Difference
1. Esapekka Lappi/Janne Ferm/2:51:18.3/-
2. Gaurav Gill/Glenn Macneall/2:55:21.5/4:03.2
3. Ben Hunt/Tony Rawstorn/2:59:52.3/8:34.0
4. Matt Van Tuinen/Erin Kelly/3:03:31.5/12:13.2
5. Josh Marston/Malcolm Peden/3:07:34.0/16:15.7
6. Phil Campbell/Venita Fabbro/3:19:25.2/16:46.3
7. Bruce Fullerton/Hugh Reardon-Smith/3:19:25.2/28:06.9
8. Simon Knowles/Margot Knowles/3:23:01.3/34:35.5
9. Michael Young/Daniel Willson/3:25:53.8/34:35.5
10. Makoto Kawahara/Sae Kitagawa/3:28:26.8/37:08.5

Official Links

Rally of Whangarei http://www.rallywhangarei.co.nz/

FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship http://www.fiaaprc.com/

APRC.tv http://www.fiaaprc.com/