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2013 All Japan Gymkhana Rd.2: Takata Circuit

Round 2 of 2013 All Japan Gymkhana SA3 Class Goes to Kiyoshi Tenma


April 14th, 2013 (Sun) Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Takata Circuit, "Gymkhana in Takata" in the 2013 All Japan Gymkhana Championships

Previously in the 1st round, Tenma managed to place third and secure significant points and placed first in the second round. This brings his points to the top where he is currently ranked 1st in overall point standings.

Tenma, being the 2009 & 2010 SA3 Class series champion, aims high for a third victory. His persistence and dedication shall reveal itself in positive shape or form this season.


ADVAN Rays Cusco Lancer Kiyoshi Tenma



SA3 Class Results (Top 5 Finishers)

Place / No. / Driver / Vehicle / Best Time

1st 116 Kiyoshi Tenma  ADVAN Rays Cusco Lancer 1'36.774

2nd 117 Seiki Chino  Itzz TA Cusco DL Lancer 1'36.970

3rd 119 Masaki Nishihara  Aqua Rando Hasepro BS WRX 1'37.476

4th 115 Takahiro Nojima  DL Rays ChalWM Lancer 1'37.751

5th 118 Shinji Tsugawa  DL Itzz URZ Lancer 1'38.214

Course Layout:


Round 3 of the All Japan Gymkhana Championships take place in the Nara Prefecture, Meihan Sportsland.

2013 Round 1 Report http://www.cusco.co.jp/en/motorsports/2013_all_japan_gymkhana_rd1_su.html