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2013 All Japan Dirt Trials Rd. 3: Sunagawa

2013 2013 All Japan Dirt Trials Round 3 Sunagawa: Arai falls short of 3rd consectutive win, Sumiyama gains 3rd place podium



The 2013 All Japan Dirt Trials "Hokkaido Dirt Special in Sunagawa" took place on May 26th, at the Auto Sportsland Sunagawa.

In the previous season the conditions were wet and tricky however this year showed to be a dry, high speed challenge where tire performance were put to the test.


Arai aimed for his 3rd consecutive win but fell short resulting in 5th place in the SA2 Class due to trouble concerning his machine setting. Nonetheless, Arai still maintains the lead in the series for overall points.

SA2 Class Shinsuke Arai Cusco Yokohama itzz Lancer

SA2 Class Results (Top 5 Finishers)

Place / Number / Driver / Vehicle / Best Time

1st 041 Kazuhiro Kitamura  MJ Trading DL Lancer 1'38.409

2nd 69 Katsutomo Matsunami  DLSPM Magnum WM Lancer  1'38.423

3rd 75 Shuya Kawasaki  YH Cusco KYB Yamada Lancer 1'38.970

4th 044 Masahiko Tagami DL Bride CMSC Lancer  1'39.090

5th 042 Shinsuke Arai  Cusco Yokohama itzz Lancer 1'39.616




Sumiyama obtains 3rd place podium in the SC3 Class

SC3 Class Yuya Sumiyama CUSCO ADVAN LANCER



SC3 Class Results (Top 5 Finishers)

Place / Number / Driver / Vehicle / Best Time

1st 014 Masahiko Niwa FORTE Zeal DL Lancer 1'37.384

2nd 011 Shu Yoshimura FORTEC Navic DL Lancer 1'37.409

3rd 93 Yuya Sumiyama CUSCO ADVAN EVOⅩ 1'37.985

4th 013 Tadahiro Hiratsuka Smash Dunlop Lancer 1'38.670

5位th 015 Yoshihiko Nakamoto Kit Bride YH Impreza 1'39.233



Round 4 is at "Dirt Sprint in Monzen" taking place June 30th in the Ishikawa Prefecture Monzen Motorsports Park.