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2013 All Japan Dirt Trials Rd.2: Rascal Spring Trial in Kyushu


Arai with his 2nd Consecutive SA2 Class Victory at the 2013 All Japan Dirt Trials Round 2

The second round of the 2013 All Japan Dirt Trials took place in the Fukuoka Prefecture, called the "Rascal Spring Trial in Kyushu". The heated battle for the lowest time continued as the series progressed to its second round.

Shinsuke Arai does it again as his 2nd best time in the 1st heat shoots him the victory as he continues to dominatethe SA2 class. The next match is schedule to be in Hokkaido.


SA2 Class Shinsuke Arai Cusco Yokohama itzz Lancer



SA2 Class Results (Top 5 Finishers)

Place / Number / Driver / Vehicle / Best Time

1st 42 Shinsuke Arai  Cusco Yokohama itzz Lancer  1'30.088

2nd 99 Shuya Kawasaki  YH Cusco KYB Yamada Lancer 1'30.621

3rd 41 Kazuhiro Kitamura  MJ Trading DL Lancer 1'30.844

4th 90 Shotaro Ishido Advan APY itzz Lancer 1'31.282

5th 97 Masafumi Shida Tein DL Yacco Kujida Lancer 1'31.386




In the SC3 class, Yuya Sumiyama enters again representing the Cusco Advan Lancer, however unable to catch up to Kahioka although he had marked a few best times. Sumiyama ends up placing second, hopeful for the next round.


SC3 Class Yuya Sumiyama CUSCO ADVAN LANCER


SC3 Class Results (Top 5 Finishers)

Place / Number / Driver / Vehicle / Best Time

1st 12 Satoru Kajioka DL Rays ings Lancer 1'28.572

2nd 132 Yuya Sumiyama CUSCO ADVANEVOⅩ 1'29.544

3rd 13 Tadahiro Hiratsuka Smash Dunlop Lancer 1'29.828

4th 128 Kazunobu Hashimoto MSH Brains DL Lancer  1'29.860

5th 11 Shu Yoshimura FORTEC Navic DL Lancer 1'30.206

The third round is the Hokkaido Dirt Special in Sunagawa, May 26th at the Auto Sportsland in Sunagawa Hokkaido.