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Other Suspension Parts



 Adjustable Auto Headlight Levelizer

The modern automobiles of today are equipped with an automatic headlight leveler that adjusts to the vehicle’s ride height in real time. However when the vehicle suspension is altered, (in most cases lowered) the headlights are pointed down towards the ground. This is due to the leveler sensor being stationed only in the rear of the car.

To counter this issue, CUSCO has engineered the AUTO LEVELIZER to enable the re-setting of the correct headlight trajectory. In some cases, the ECU can be reset to readjust the headlights according to its vehicle height; however there are parameter limitations for electronic sensors which will eventually require a mechanical approach to the solution.

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 Adjustable Sway Bar Bracket Kit

Sway bar effectiveness can be adjusted (tuned) as softer or stiffer by changing the end link hole to the designated location. Softer, or stiffer depends on what type of motorsport the vehicle is being used for. Can also be used with the factory OEM sway bar.

Available Application: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution V~X