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With the e-Con2 controller, you can adjust the dampening force while in the driver's seat ! Compatible with Cusco Street ZERO-A & Street Spec-A suspension coil-over systems.

Fully customizeable pre-set memory system (soft to hard) at a push of a button when changing the damper setting per environment. 

Damping force adjustable, 40 way adjustment for the front and rear suspension, independently.

    Electronic Dampening Force Controller  

New larger LCD display features horizontal or vertical view plus 7 different colors to choose from to match the rest of your interior lighting. Dimensions: W47xH91xD13mm

The optional G-Sensor enables G force display from lateral (left right) and accelleration (front) braking (rear).

Stepping Motor - The E-Con uses high quality adjustment motors to control the rebound force quickly and accurately. The motor utilizes a special rubber cover to shield itself from dust, moisture caused from the extreme humidity and temperature found in the engine bay. Installation is simple with specially designed bracket on the Street ZERO-A & Spec-A Coil-Overs.


Electronic Dampening Force Controller