LSD type-RS


Type RS actuates with low initial torque, high response, long durability
Low power loss from driveline load
Minimal noise
Longer lasting clutch packs compared to traditional systems
More even distribution of oil and resulting wear pattern on plates
Longer time between maintenance and oil changes, as well as endurance.

Type RS for lower maintenance, high performance
Specialized inner coil spring tension on clutch packs provide advantages over traditional outer cone spring systems.
Clutch Pack tension and stroke pattern is always consistent
Under low load, there is less tension with this design, aiding in better cooling, longevity, lower service intervals, and reduction in chatter noises.
Spring tension is more consistent over the life of the pressure plates and clutch packs.

Trype RS for Fast Response
Vector of energy between power input and clutch pack loading are in the same direction, resulting in a smoother transition and faster lock up.

With fast response, the capacity to push higher load and power are better met with precision and liniarity.
Fast and linear actuation means it is also ideal for drag racing.
Linear and continual response and feedback makes it ideal for drifting as well.