Power Brace


Sporty Car, Wagon, and Minivans in addition to traditional sports cars and racing applications…

"With our efforts constantly in rallying and racing, we are always gaining data to support and refine more and more cars in many ways. The Power Brace system is very vehicle specific, and they are all designed to enhance the total body structure rigidity and prepare them for both uncompromised structure and to enhance driving pleasure.

When the large portion of the main structure solidified, the suspension can work more precisely, and unwanted flex, wear, noise, and harshness could be curtailed. Majority of our Power Brace Systems are direct bolt-in installations, and require no significant modifications to the vehicle.

Our knowlege and experience are a direct feedback from our most grueling racing and really operations, but also from extensive miles we cover in both racing and company operations globally. Even with automobile categories like minivans and compact SUV, the results from body rigidity enhancements are high as generally these vehicles have larger cabins and bigger openings that can be the cause of flex."

・Reduction in body flex and distortion.
・Increased suspension precision
・Increased life of the body structure, slowing the flex induced decay
・Reducing the unwanted motions and instability in automobile handling
・Reduces flex induced body noises, creaks, rattles etc.
・SUV, Sedan, Wagon, Minivan, and Sports car applications
・STKM Steel construction / Standard Oval Shaft at 1.6mm thickness holly sections.
・In most cases there are no virtual sacrifices in ground clearances.