Circuit Spec Mono-Tube Suspension with fine tuning capability
Motorsports, Competition Tire matched damper and spring tuning for high load and exacting calibrations.
For competition users who are more dedicated for racing only automobile tuning, and designed for very specific parameters of raceway use.
Fine tuned with narrow increments of setup, so that for each motorsports stage, a more critical level of tune is achieved.
Designed for extremely high suspension loads and spring rate matching. Serious Racing use on smooth pavement with racing tires.

Mono-Tube Damper System
By using a very high quality, high capacity valve system, the system will allow efffective damping of low to high rate of motions effectively. Since the mono-tube design allows shell case walls can dissipate heat directly, heat related inconsistencies are eliminated.

24 Step Damper Adjustment
From Street to Casual Motorsports, 24 step adjustment can accommodate a wide range of use with optimization of vehicle dynamics.

Separate Height Adjustment Bracket
Fine tuning of ride height is possible without alteration of spring preload or stroke range changes. Assuring full and ideal stroke performance, even with lowest of ride height settings.

NEW Cusco Original "Blue Spring"
Double Shot Peened and designed with anti-sagging manufacturing methods, the Cusco Blue Springs are uniquely precise and consistent, offering a much more acccurate tuning goals.

Upper Mounts
"Strut Type applications are packaged with adjustable camber, rigid upper mounts.
For double wishbone and multilinks the fixed rigid upper mount is used for racing alignment accuracy."
For applications without upper mounts, a center-lock rigid upper can be optional.
Also for exacting needs of motorsports, an adjustable camber and caster control upper is also optional.

Ram Type Damper Layout (Inverted Piston)
For strut type applications, the front suspension feature an inverted ram layout, positioning the case and piston inverted and allowing the case to become the structrural support. This design like many high-end cars, allow for a huge improvement in rigidity and precision under high loads of braking and cornering.
This design also acts to better cooling, and reduction in unsprung weight for suspension components.

Designed Specifically for Racing Use Circuit Tire Loads
Optional Spring Rates at the time of ordering
Anti-Corrosion Treatments that survive 500 hours of salt spray testing for various components.
Rebuilding and Retuning are possible through select qualified shops
Manufacturing is done in Japan with full compliance and exceeding ISO9001 and ASEA standards.