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A reasonably priced adjustable unit providing excellent driving.
Pre-set before delivery complete kit.
Pillow ball upper mount (for strut type only).
Low noise rubber seat.
Coil spring using new material.
Aluminum lock nut andlower seat (stainless for some types).
High performance shock absorbers (specifically designed to fit all models).
  • COMP-S
  • COMP-S
Full adjustable ZERO series suspension kit.
The ZERO series units provide stainless steel lock nut and spring lower seats.
The ZERO-1 and ZERO-2 kits share the same size shock absorbers.
The ZERO-1 unit can easily and reasonably be transformed to a ZERO-2 set up by simply changing only the shocks.
  • ZERO1
  • ZERO2
  • ZERO2R
  • ZERO2
  • ZERO1
An easy set up unit that is full adjustable and with ride height adjustments, provides a drastic change in your driving.
Recommended for drivers who...
has experienced the front slipping on bumpy turn-ins.
prefer your own setting for a reasonable price.
want lower ride height without loss in suspension stroke.
want to advance to adjustable rate units for a reasonable price.
  • ZERO2
The 5 stage adjustable ride height version of the ZERO-1 allows adjustment for all stages for performance and ride comfort. A stainless steel body unit.
Recommended for drivers who...
want tolower the ride height without sacrificing the stroke length.
want to enjoy various setting on road or track or weather conditions by adjusting the ride height, spring rate and pre-load setting to his heart's content.
want to try various tires from the production supplied to the S tires.
want to take the family bor girl friend along on weekdays comfortably, but wants to challenge that pass or track on weekends.
The 5 stage adjustable shock absorbers for more fun driving
Stage 1 or 2 : for everyday city use
Stage 3 or 4 : for high grip radial tires
Stage 4 or 5 : for competition tires
  • ZERO2R
CUSCO's original oil through system.
Inverted 5 stage adjustable shock absorber with low friction provides excellent driving and quality comfort.
ZERO-2R is the top class equipment with...
Lower unladen weight and higher rigidity made possible by the inverted shocks used on many cars competing in the World Rally Championship and All Japan GT Championship.
Low friction allows a atable ride at any speed.
A ride comfort not realised in previous inverted type shock absorbers.
Oil circulation system allows a surprisingly low friction.
Shock absorber performance at maximum from walking speeds.

Using the Pillow Ball bearings will increase the solidity and rigidity, and increase the response toward steering work. But at the same time, will forward the noise and shock into the passanger room, and requires you to regularly maintain the pillow ball bushing as well.