Aug 3, 2007
Yuya Sumiyama Profile / Machine Spec
Nickname Yuya
Date of birth 21st/Aug/1976
Place of birth Komaki, Aichi
Job R&D factory, Carrosser Co., Ltd.
Horoscope the Lion
Blood type B+
Own Impreza
Hobby Mountain biking
Favorite food spring roll
Favorite rally event Rallies in Hokkaido
Target in 2005: Winning an honor platform in JRC(all Japan Rally Championship) in some events, and keep constantly in 6th position or higher is our target this year.
Dreams in childhood: to work in the car business field, and to attend motor sport competition, so the dreams came true. Now going higher is my current dream.
High school days: Loved the cars, but of course cannot drive under 17-years-old. So, I was deeply in the Radio controlled cars. That now works for me on tuning and setting of the car, how to stand toward the race, and I was mentally trained during that days. (Peter Sorberg, the champion of WRC 2004 used to be a RC car champion in Norway) I regret not studying English in my high school days.
How he met Motorsport: His father has been a driver in Dirt Trial field, and went together to the event with his father, And experienced motor sport on his father’s passenger seat since his childhood. So, it was very natural, or normal that he wanted to start Motorsport. And began when he was 19years old.
How he became a JRC driver: He won the JDC(all Japan Dirt trial Championship) in 2001, when he was 25years old, and late Yuji Kase, the ex-president of Carrosser asked to him to join the Rally team of Carrosser. He had chosen to move and become a staff of Carrosser, and started Rallying in his new environment.
Being a Carrosser staff: I believe it was very good choice becoming a Carrosser staff. As a rally driver I can go testing whenever I want, and as an employee, I can learn a lot, and doing many interesting job.
About Carrosser products: I have been working in wholesale dealer before coming to Carrosser, and was selling Carrosser products to customers by myself. Through then, I had learned Carrosser/CUSCO were very good in service, and their products were very good in quality and wide range of lineups. I was using CUSCO LSD and many other parts, when I won the JDC champion. So I had chosen to be a Carrosser staff without any doubt when Mr.Kase had asked me.
2005 Sumiyama's Machine
Vehicle Subaru GDB Impreza WRX Sti specC
Footwork Shock absorber: KYB / Spring: CARROSSER
LSD Front/Rear: CUSCO Type-RS / Center: DCCD
Clutch Disc: CUSCO / Cover: OE
Transmission CUSCO 6MT Dog Gear(Proto Type)
Intercooler OE
Exhaust OE
Bushing Sti
Tire/Wheel Tire: ADVAN A035(205/65-15) / Wheel: ADVAN RC-II 7J-15
Body kit Rear Spoiler
Roll cage SAFETY21(ASN homologated for GroupN)
Seat Bride ZetaIII
Seat harness TAKATA 340R