May 24, 2011
Yanagisawa in EvoX finished in 3rd place of podium at JRC Miyazaki!


Round 3 of Japanese Rally Championship, “HIMUKA RALLY ’11 in Misato” was held from 20-22 May around Misato town, Miyazaki. The rally route was consisted by total 11 gravel stages of 102.14km.

CUSCO Racing brought CUSCO ADVAN EVO.X (Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X) driven by Hiroshi Yanagisawa/Yoshimasa Nakahara as the second outing of the season along side CUSCO ADVAN PROTON(PROTON Satria Neo) driven by Shuhei Muta/Naoki Kase who attended to their second national event from its debutant.

20110523-3.jpgYanagisawa moved to 3rd place on SS3 and kept the position with comfortable margin to closest rival. Although he didn’t satisfy his feeling from machine setting, he set well time stably and finished the event in final position of the podium. Meanwhile, Muta who had to tackle with more powered machines due to unique class division of the series got extra challenge as the condition was quite well which benefit to rival’s high power. Even though, Muta put his best effort through the whole of the event. He started the final stage with merely 12.2 seconds gap to his closest rival, but he put all energies into stick it and finished the event with maintained his 5th place among the class. CUSCO built PROTON Satria Neo again showed its stable performance with no trouble at all. From now on, it’s expected that the machine will show more competitiveness when further parts are ready.

CUSCO Racing’s next outing will be next round of the series, Round 4 “ Ganbarou Fukushima MSCC Rally 2011” (10-12 June, Tanakura, Fukushima, Gravel, 80km).


 Hirosih Yanagisawa
“Finishing within podium was not too bad in term of classification. However, my time was not satisfying as well as I felt from my driving, and setting was not good enough. Because of that I finished the rally before I could get proper rhythm, so I was not satisfied perfectly. I really feel that I can push more, so we will try to solve this situation by next round.”


Shuhei Muta
“I’m really happy to finish in 5th breaking away the rival on Day2. I feel that Satria Neo has more speed than described on specification. I’m getting familiar with the machine through last two events, so I will try to get better result on next event.”