Jul 9, 2011
Rod Millen breaks new Pikes Peak Hill Climb world record in Hyundai Genesis



CUSCO USA & RHYS MILLEN RACING Rod Millen breaks new Pikes Peak Hill Climb world record in Hyundai Genesis

Colorado, July 27th 2011: Veteran race car driver Rod Millen sets a new 2011 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Time Attack 2WD Class record in a Hyundai Genesis. Equipped with CUSCO suspension products, a world record of 11:04.91 had been set which was 29 seconds faster than the previous record time. This is a time that can only be set by a veteran driver whose reflexes haven’t diminished over time but the contrary, and also knows the course better than the back of his hand.


In June of 2011, CUSCO USA proudly announced a sponsorship venture with Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) to campaign a full custom CUSCO ZERO 3X suspension system for the RMR Hyundai Genesis. The former Formula Drift vehicle had been revamped specifically for grip, designed exclusively for the treacherous roads of Pikes Peak Mountain. After many hours of test fitment and actual shakedown passes to obtain the most ideal setting, the suspension proved to be a successful tool utilized by one of the most dedicated and talented race car drivers in the world. The Hyundai is planned to be used again in continuance for the Formula Drift series for the rest of the 2011 season.

Full on-board race can be seen here:



The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb combines both tarmac and gravel surfaces much like rally racing, however one small mistake and dire consequence awaits at the bottom of the mountain. CUSCO suspension systems are used in many different types of motorsports across the world, including Rally, Gymkhana, Circuit racing, and now the unique Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

The ZERO 3X suspension movement can be seen here:


More information can be found at the official Rhys Millen Racing website as well as the record setting videos and full report:


Photos and video courtesy of Rhys Millen Racing