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CUSCO SPORT TN_S TN_R pdf Toyota CHR pdf

Transmission Gear Set


Cusco Close Ratio Transmission & Final Gear


Precision manufacturing technology that roots from the production of OEM gears for high-end sportscars and various full race platforms. The same gearsets are currently used in professional competition all over the world. Use Japan's best technology to your competitive advantage!

  Transmission Gear Set  


Optimization The gears are designed and tested per each vehicle application characteristics and are also able to withstand the stress of a tuned race driveline.

Materials Various alloy steels are used for each type of gearset from SCR, SCM and SNCM to target the best interest of its usage. As an extra measure, heat treatment is performed to prevent shape distortion.

Heat Treatment A cut sample from each lot is taken and undergoes strict inspection procedures such as the results of the heat treatment. This is performed ritually, for the sole purpose of quality control.

Surface Finish Each gear tooth is nished (precision shaving) to provide strength and additional noise prevention. Heat treatment as well as WPC can be applied to areas that have the most stress applied.
*Gear tooth treatment, WPC,and APEX are available for additional cost. Please inquire within.




Click Here for Close Gear Ratio Application List.


Click Here for Final Gear Application List.




Dog Mission Gear Set

The term Dog Mission comes from the term dog geared transmissions where the gear teeth is cut straight instead of the traditional helical design. The gears itself are made from stronger forged materials where the driver can shift into gears without depressing the clutch pedal. These kits comply and are approved for use within the FIA competition homologation regulations and each kit is individually assigned compliance numbers.


The "Dog Mission" is designed for the following vehicles.

Subaru - GDB (A-G) and GRB

Mitsubishi - EVO. VII thru EVO. IX MR