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Lower Arm Bar / Pillar Side Bar



Lower Arm Bar

Lower Arm Bars are slightly different from other chassis bracing components since it actually solidifies the mechanical working aspects of the suspension. Atleast two points of these bars are bolted to a moving axis point, typically where the suspension arm meets the crossmember/frame to solid points of the chassis to promote the connection.

Many applications are available. Find out what fits by clicking your vehicle Make and Model on the left menu.

  Lower Arm Bar  

Lower Arm Bar - Version I 

Reduce chassis flexing and improve body rigidity.  The lateral arm improves body rigidity by connecting at the lower arm points, thus preventing body flex and therefore dramatically improving steering rigidity and response, and traction.

FEATURE - SImple design connects to the lower arms at two points.

MATERIAL - High tension lightweight aluminum or steel.

INSTALLATION - SImple bolt-on, hardware included for some applications.



Lower Arm Bar - Version II

Reduce chassis flex even further with these bars that have multiple mounting locations (more than 2).  This greatly increases rigidity and helps maintain chassis stiffness during the hardest of cornering.  It also improves steering rigidity, response and tire traction.

FEATURE - The Lower Arm Bar II connects at the lower arm mounts at numerous (4) points.

MATERIAL - High tension lightweight aluminum or steel

INSTALLATION - SImple bolt-on, hardware included for some applications.



Pillar Side Bar

The Pillar Side Bars enhance chassis rigidity across the B-pillar to the front on 2 door vehicles. By strengthening the three points of the seat belt mount, B-pillar floor, and the front floor, this triangulation provides crucial support to the area known to flex often on these vehicles. 

*Not intended to protect against side impact

*May not be installed concurrently with a rollcage


  Pillar Side Bar  

Vehicle Application Guide >>> to web catalog
Strut Tower Bars / Lower Arm Bars / Pillar Side Bars

  Pillar Side Bar  



Tension Rod Bar

The Tension Rod Bar is made from 22mm steel pipe that enhances chassis stiffness, rigidity and stabilizes alignment. More effective when used with the Cusco Pillowball Tension Rod kit, where further stability can be achieved when the vehicle is under extreme drag/dive (acceleration/braking).

MATERIAL - 22mm steel pipe.

FINISH - Cusco signature blue.

INSTALLATION - Bolt-on, (comes with hardware for certain applications).

ADJUSTMENT - Turn-buckle design allows pipe tension adjustment.



Lower Arm Bar