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L.S.D. Oil

L.S.D. OIL 80W-90
L.S.D. OIL 80W-90
Hydride purified base oil contained. Keeps its good performance against the heat after long term use. For all mechanical L.S.D.. Developed by CUSCO, the most familiarized company with L.S.D.. Minimize the noise and vibration, and Maximize the Performance. Hydride purified base oil contained. Very purified base oil provides the higher performance against heat. With specially developed Friction Modifier, the Oil minimizes the chattering noise and, wearing. Maximize the Life of the L.S.D.. Can be used for Transmission of the FWD or AWD vehicles. Multi-grade oil to be used under extremely high/low temperature. Good for all mechanical L.S.D, from daily use to competition use.
L.S.D. OIL 80W-140
L.S.D. OIL 80W-140
For rear L.S.D which is exposed by high load and heat with high performance engine, tire and suspension. Fit for 4WD rear L.S.D & FR rear L.S.D. Also good for use in High temperature region and Hot Summer. For all mechanical L.S.D.
Lubricates both L.S.D & Transmission
Hydride purified base oil contained. With its high quality base oil, Friction Modifier performs its best to make the synchronizer gear work the best. And surely lubricates under any situation. Friction Modifier saves the synchronizer gear being worn out during sport driving situation, and makes the shift feelings much better. As its Friction Modifier performs to the LSD, the OIL can be used for the FWD vehicles with LSD in its Transmission. It helps to the life of both synchronizer gear and LSD performance. 75W-85 oil assures you an easy shift work even under the cold temperature. Very purified base oil provides the higher performance against heat. No more fear with soft ATF or Engine oil for easier shift work!! Here is the solution.