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Tsutomu Nagase
President and C.E.O.

1. The quest for "comfort"
Our mission is to provide "comfort" to our clients and employees.
Clients buy our products because we provide then "comfort".
To achieve this goal, we manufacture "comfortable" products and sell them through the people who feel "comfortable" promoting the sales of our products.
2. The realization of fair profit
In order to meet all the social obligations, we need to realize fair amount of profit.
In order for our employees to enjoy happy and productive life at home as well as at work, we need to realize a fair amount of profit.
3. The recognition of our most important asset
Our employees are our most important assets. They are given equal opportunities and are rewarded fairly. We are convinced that if the company sets the example of responsibility and achievement, the employees will follow suit.
An employee's position is always based on his /her ability and trustworthiness.
The at CARROSSER sincerely valie the importance of contributing to our society
Our goal is to contribute to the creation and maintenance of a balance between society, business and the individual. Furthermore, we hope our range of knowledge and research information can serve a useful purpose in society.
Each staff member at CARROSSER works with a constant awareness of himself as a member of the larger society with duties and responsibilities. We aim to diligently improve our abilities with the hope that we can contribute, at least in some small way, to the creation of a brighter future for all. We have a heartfelt belief that by striving to do our utmost, we can affect society in a positive and beneficial way.